How to decorate with vases

by Sue Revis 09/18/2023

Whether bought, inherited or leftover from gifted flowers, vases are a common unused item in many homes. Rather than let a vase gather dust in a closet, why not use it as a fun decorative piece?

Here are some tips for ways to decorate your home with vases:

Fill a vase with driftwood

Using driftwood as decor is a wonderful way to add texture and a rustic, coastal vibe. If you have a clear glass vase, try adding a few driftwood pieces. You can use long pieces that stick out of the top like flowers would, or choose a collection of different shapes to add interest and depth.

Some ideas for accompanying materials include seashells and coral. Long pieces of ornamental grass or other foliage add a touch of life and vibrancy to a neutral driftwood collection.

Create a succulent terrarium

Creating an open terrarium is a perfect project for an empty vase. By adding a few layers of pebbles, sand and chunky potting soil, you can plant a miniature habitat for succulents, cacti and air plants. You’ll have a unique piece of living home decor while also repurposing the vase in a new and unexpected way.

For especially narrow vases, be mindful of giving your choice of plant room to grow. Don’t hesitate to use artificial plants for this project as well. If you have multiple vases, try arranging them together with a variety of terrarium ingredients.

Add sparkle with glass beads

Consider filling a vase with glass beads to create an easy piece of DIY decor. You can use decorative beads like those used in aquariums, terrariums and craft projects. When placed near a lamp or in a sunny window, the light shining through will brighten a room.

If you have other small shiny objects, they can make a great addition to your new vase decor. Try swapping them out seasonally for a fresh aesthetic.

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